High Valley’s New Album – Way Back – is Available Now

High Valley’s New Album – Way Back – is Available Now

High Valley‘s new album, Way Back, is out now!

High Valley front-man Brad Rempel is thrilled that this new project is available to fans, “I’ve been waiting for this day the way a kid waits for Christmas.”

Fans final have an opportunity to listen to the album that they actually had a hand in creating. Brad shares, “Letting our fans behind the scenes of the songwriting and demo process was so much fun. We had the Way Back album almost complete and couldn’t decide which of the most recent cowrites should make the cut, so we asked our fans to vote on our socials.” 

Way Back track list;

  1. “Way Back” (Seth Mosley, Ben Stennis, Brad Rempel)
  2. “Run Outta Somedays” (Ben Stennis, Jon Nite, Brad Rempel)
  3. “Somebody Tell That Girl” (Feat. Anne Wilson) (Jason GantMatt Rogers, Brad Rempel)
  4. “Do This Life” (Phil BartonDavid Thompson, Brad Rempel)
  5. “World Could Use a Dirt Road” (Claire DouglasJosh Ronen, Brad Rempel)
  6. “Prayin’ Woman” (Seth MosleyAllison Veltz, Brad Rempel)
  7. “Country Music, Girls & Trucks” (Feat. Granger Smith) (Micah Wilshire, Jaron Boyer, Brad Rempel)
  8. “Whatever it Takes” (Ben Stennis, Jon Nite, Brad Rempel)
  9. “All My Lovin” (Blake Bollinger, Phil Barton, Brad Rempel)
  10. “Remember You Now” (Ben Stennis, Jon NiteBrad Rempel)
  11. “Be That For You” (Sam EllisDave Sampson, Brad Rempel)
  12. “She Loves” (Sam Bergeson, Jaron Boyer, Brad Rempel)
  13. “Never Not” (Ben West, Matt Willis, Brad Rempel)

Brad adds, “I love knowing that this album is a collection of songs I feel very strongly about, messages I believe need to be heard, and jams that our fans literally chose themselves!”

Along with Anne Wilson, one of the other special guest vocalist on the Way Back is Granger Smith on the track “Country Music, Girls & Trucks.”

Brad says “I am so incredibly pumped to have 13 brand new High Valley songs out in the world! For me, this album is about dodging the passing of time, living forever, and hoping that my kinds somehow stay young forever, and I can’t wait to hear which songs connect with the fans the most!”

When it comes to the themes on Way Back – and High Valley’s music in general, Brad shares, “I do love writings songs about return to simplicity. I call it ‘nostalgia’ you know. I’m obsessed with trying to never get old, and never die, and never have my kids grow up. And I know that none of those three things are possible, but you definitely hear me writing songs as if maybe, just maybe, they are.”

Way Back – which is available now – includes High Valley’s current single at country radio, “Whatever It Takes.”

Photo Credit: Crystal K Martel

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